Chaos-based image encryption scheme combining DNA coding and entropy

Chaos-based image encryption scheme combining DNA coding and entropy

Ping Zhen, Geng Zhao, Lequan Min & Xin Jin


   Information security has became more and more important issue in modern society, one of which is the digital image protection. In this paper, a secure image encryption scheme based on logistic and spatiotemporal chaotic systems is proposed. The extreme sensitivity of chaotic system can greatly increase the complexity of the proposed scheme. Further more, the scheme also takes advantage of DNA coding and eight DNA coding rules are mixed to enhance the efficiency of image confusion and diffusion. To resist the chosenplaintext attack, information entropy of DNA coded image is modulated as the parameter of spatiotemporal chaotic system, which can also guarantee the sensitivity of plain image in the encryption process. So even a slight change in plain image can cause the complete change in cipher image. The experimental analysis shows that it can resistant different attacks, such as the brute-force attack, statistical attack and differential attack. What’s more, The image encryption scheme can be easily implemented by software and is promising in practical application.



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