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Victory Group (VIsual CompuTing and infORmation securitY) of Besti (Beijing Electornic Science and Technology Institute) and GKLOIS (General Office of the CPC Central Committee Key Laboratory of Information Security) was established in 2013. Our group combines visual computing and information security together and now we mainly focus on:

Visual Computing

Computer Vision, Augmented Reality, Scene Understanding

Computational Photography, Computational Aesthetics and Visual Arts

Illumination Estimation, Evaluation, Transfer and Synthesis

Visual Media Security

Visual Media Encryption

Privacy Preserving/Private/Blind Computer Vision


Artificial Intelligence

Information Security


  • [02 Dec. 2017] One paper entitled “Image Editing by Object-Aware Optimal Boundary Searching and Mixed-Domain Composition” has been accepted by Computational Visual Media (CVMJ).

  • [25 Nov. 2017] Dr. Xin Jin has been selected as the CAA Technical Committee of Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence Member (CAA-PRMI).

  • [09 Nov. 2017] Call for papers: ISAIR2018 Sepcial Session on Computational Aesthetics and Visual Arts Analysis. [CFP]. All of the accepted papers will be recommended to special issues in sustainability-related SCI indexed journals. I am the chair of this session. Welcome to submit your papers.

  • [08 Nov. 2017] One paper entitled “Predicting Aesthetic Score Distribution through Cumulative Jensen-Shannon Divergence” has been accepted by Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI 2018), which is a CCF-A conference.

  • [08 Nov. 2017] One paper entitled “Single Reference Image based Scene Relighting via Material Guided Filtering” has been accepted by Optics and Laser Technology (JOLT), which is a CASJCR-3 SCIE journal.

  • [21 Oct. 2017] One paper entitled "3D Textured Model Encryption via 3D Lu Chaotic Mapping" has been accepted by Science China Information Science (SCIS), which is a CCF-B SCIE journal.

  • [19 Oct. 2017] Sui Yin has won the National Graduate Scholarship, China, 2017.

  • [11 Oct. 2017] Dr. Xin Jin has been selected as the CCF Technical Committee of Computer Vision Member (CCF-CV) in CCCV2017, Tianjin, China.

  • [01 Oct. 2017] One paper entitled "3D Wireframe Model Encryption based on Chaos" has been accepted by ChinaVR 2017 (in Chinese).

  • [28 Aug. 2017] One paper entitled “Color Image Encryption in Non-RGB Color Spaces” has been accepted by Multimedia Tools and Applications (MTAP), which is a CCF-C SCIE journal.

  • [20 Aug. 2017] One workshop paper entitled “Privacy Preserving Face Retrieval in the Cloud for Mobile Users” was presented at IJCAI 2017 workshop (Abuse Preventive Data Mining (APDM2017, IJCAI Workshop), Melbourne, Australia)

  • [17 Aug. 2017] One NSFC project entitled "The Standard of Chaotic Cipher" has been approved.

  • [24 Jul. 2017] One paper has been selected as ISAIR2017 Best Student Paper Award.

  • [16 Jul. 2017] One paper has been nominated for ISAIR2017 Best Paper Awards.

  • [09 Jul. 2017] One paper has been accepted by International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (ISAIR), Kitakyushu, Japan, 25-26, November, 2017

  • [17 Jul. 2017] One paper has been accepted by the 2nd CCF Chinese Conference on Computer Vision (CCCV), Tianjin. 11-14, Oct. 2017.

  • [17 Aug. 2017] New record of the aesthetic classification accuracy on the AVA dataset by our group: 82.66%.

  • [15 Jun. 2017] One paper has been accepted by Abuse Preventive Data Mining (APDM, IJCAI Workshop), Melbourne, Australia 19-25 August, 2017

  • [08 Jun. 2017] One App named “AR Draw” has been available on Android Market.

  • [25 Mar. 2017] Two papers have been accepted by IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME), Hong Kong, China, 10-14 July, 2017 (CCF-B).

  • [02 Feb. 2017] Two posters have been accepted by the Network and Distributed System Security Symposium (NDSS Poster), San Diego, California, USA 26 February – 1 March, 2017

  • [08 Jan. 2017] One App named “Makeup Transfer” has been available on App Store.